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Senator EXON. In fact, I think I know you. I think a friend of yours, Rainbow Terrain, has talked about you. She is an art instructor and a friend of my wife's, and I kind of think I know you through her.

Just one basic question. Please clarify for us, what is your opinion to the key question that has been asked time and time again here, and you have alluded to it: Are you for the printing of material on records? Are you for or against, or are you for or against any kind of a rating as long as it is done voluntarily between the record companies and the producers?

That is my key question. And I would simply say one more time, which I have said every time I have had this microphone this morning, I think it is wrong to imply that, although no bills have been introduced, that bills might not be introduced. And I want to hold that threat, for what it is worth, over the head of trying to accomplish some free enterprise volunteerism that most people have agreed to.

What do you think about a free enterprise volunteerism, getting together and either printing or coming up with a rating program of some kind that would be properly displayed in the records?

Mr. DENVER. I am opposed. As an artist, I am opposed to any kind of a rating system, voluntarily or otherwise. I think putting lyrics on the sleeve of an album or a jacket of an album is no problem for me.

Again, I think it goes beyond reading the words, and I bring up again the song "Rocky Mountain High." You know, some people, high is high, and high is getting stoned and high is a feeling of elation, celebration of life.

As I told the people of the Soviet Union when I had the privilege of singing for them there, I sang "Rocky Mountain High" and then I described what "high" meant to me. And I said to them, that is how I feel having the privilege of singing for you.

That is how I feel having the opportunity to participate in my Government here today.

Senator EXON. Thank you, Mr. Denver.

The CHAIRMAN. Senator Pressler.

Senator PRESSLER. I guess that ties in with my question. Your basic line is that you are against any type of Government action in this area, or indeed any voluntary labeling?

Mr. DENVER. I would be, yes.

Senator PRESSLER. Thank you very much.

The CHAIRMAN. John, thank you very much. Thank you for your patience, for waiting so long.

Mr. DENVER. Thank you, Senator. It is a great privilege to be with you all.

The CHAIRMAN. Thank you.

Next we have Mr. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Freefall Talent Group.

Mr. Snider, thank you for being here.


MR. SNIDER. Thank you for having me here.

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