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. . . label to know that. That is part of their business and that is part of their job, and they know exactly what they are playing.

So I would say that it is not going to be a help for the program directors and DJ's. It is going to be a help for parents. We are the ones that need the information. Those in the business know.

Senator HAWKINS. And do you have certain stations that you do not allow your child to listen to in the home?

Mrs. BAKER. Well, it has not come to that in my house, with just an 8 year old. The big ones, you know, that is another matter. But most of them are grown and they can make their own decisions about that.

This is for the young. She is not -- the heavy metals is not something. It is others that she likes to listen to.

Senator HAWKINS. Well, it is my understanding it is no longer possible to have a successful rock album without a video; that MTV is widely viewed by children, whether their parents are home or not.

Has your group met with representatives of the TV industry?

Mrs. BAKER. Yes, we have, and MTV was originally begun to promote records. I mean, that is the whole purpose of it. And there have been some really fun things done with MTV and some really awful things done. So we have talked with them, but we will meet with them again.

Senator HAWKINS. What was their response?

Mrs. BAKER. Well, their response was that they already had standards in place. We had thought that their standards should be a little tighter for younger viewing audience [sic]. But we will be asking them to label videos that have violent or sexually explicit material in them, so that parents will know, and also to consider clustering very safe -- "safe" is not a good word, but I mean harmless -- videos at a time when the young audience would be viewing. So that would be our suggestion to them.

Senator HAWKINS. And when are you meeting with them again?

Mrs. BAKER. In the near future.

Senator HAWKINS. Thank you.

The CHAIRMAN. Thank you very much for being here. I know that for all of you it was not the most pleasant of experiences to read some of the lyrics in public. But it was very helpful and we appreciate your attendance.

John Denver is on the witness list. He has had to leave the hearing room for another engagement. He plans to be back. So the next witness will be Mr. Frank Zappa.

Mr. Zappa, thank you very much for being with us. Please proceed.


Mr. ZAPPA. My name is Frank Zappa. This is my attorney Larry Stein from Los Angeles.

Can you hear me?

The CHAIRMAN. If you could speak very directly and clearly into the microphone, I would appreciate it.

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