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"Hold Me Down"

Hold me down, Take me down
I want to make it with you more than anything
Let your love come inside
Be a bad boy for this bad girl
Give me heaven and I'll give you hall...


Look at me, Satans Child
Born of evil, thus defiled.
Brought to life through satanic birth
Come look at me and
I'll show you things that will open your eyes...
Listen to me and I'll tell you things that will sicken your mind..
I drink the vomit of the priests,
Make love with the dying whore...
Satan as my master incarnate
Hail, praise to my unholy host...

Great White
"On Your Knees"

Kickin down your door
Gonna pull you to the floor
Taking what I choose
Never gonna lose
Gonna drive my love inside you
Gonna nail your ass to the floor...

"Strap On Robby Baby"

Come on and stroke me.
Strap this thing tight.
If you want to glide down my hallway, it's open.
Strap yourself in and ride
I wanna glide down your carnival.

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