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      Prince's stage show included a guitar that "ejaculated" water
into the crowd after he simulated masturbation with it..

"Let Me Put My Love Into You"

Don't you stuggle [sic]
Don't you fight
Let me put my love into you
Let me cut your cake with my knife.

"Trash Queen"

There's a lady out on the street
So hungry, looking for meat...
For a price she'll spread her legs
She's a trash queen
What do you do for pain or pleasure?
(woman panting and groaning in the background)

"Sweet Surrender"

I lick my lips and make advances
You lay on down and let me in
But you can't fight
You got no chance.
I'll tame you down and rub my cream in...
Shock me
Right in between my legs.
Rock me...
Oh you're so tight.
Oh wham Bam
Thank you ma'am.

Twisted Sister  -  Atlantic Records

      "We acted out a scene in a middle American home with a strict
father who yells and screams at his son for listening to roll [sic] and
roll.  He lays a tirade on his son and the last line is 'what do you
want to do with your life?'  Instead of being like a beaten dog the

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