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It is going to be necessary for me to enforce those time limits strictly, and therefore I would ask the witnesses to do so voluntarily.

Your prepared text of your statements will be included in the record automatically. You don't even have to ask for permission for them to be in the record. They will be included in the record automatically, so you don't have to take some of your time asking permission. It will be done.

With respect to the content of the statements, to describe what is in the music that is in question, will, I am sure, require some witnesses to use words and describe things that will shock the sensitivities of many of us in this room, and many who are watching these proceedings on television, and I just wanted to warn you of that in advance so that if children have the TV on, their parents can know what is in store for them.

I want witnesses to be able to inform the Senate of their points of view and the facts as they know them. But I would also hasten to say to witnesses that when you go beyond description and needlessly use expressions that may be in bad taste, this is a hearing of a Senate committee, and this is the Government of the people of this country. It is really theirs, and I would hope that standards would be used to the extent possible in your discussions and in your testimony which bears that in mind.

Senator Hollings.


Senator HOLLINGS. Mr. Chairman, I first want to commend the Parents Music Resource Center for bringing this to the Nation's attention. I have had the opportunity to attend a showing, you might say, or presentation of this porn rock, as they call it. In the test of pornography, one of the things to look at is whether or not it has any redeeming social value. There could be an exception here, because having attended that presentation, the redeeming social value that I find is inaudible.

I have a hard time understanding it. Paul, since I traveled the country for 3 years, they said they could not understand me. Maybe I could make a good rock star. I do not know.

But in all candor, I would tell you it is outrageous filth, and we have got to do something about it. I take the tempered approach, of our distinguished chairman, and commend it. Yet, I would make the statement that if I could find some way constitutionally to do away with it, I would.

I noticed on the media yesterday morning something about a tax bill. I have looked into that. That does not pertain to this particular hearing, but we do know that the broadcast airwaves give more or less, the most limited of protected speech, because the airwaves do belong to the American public. They invade the privacy of the homes. We do know under the law of pornography that children are given a special protection.

I want everyone to know I am keeping that foremost in mind, and I am asking the best of constitutional minds, if there is some way in the world to try to limit it as we go along with the voluntary labeling. I commend those who are now beginning to label. That is what we would like to have, truth in labeling. I do not . . .

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